About us

“The houses to those who live in them.”

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We, the Jelka house project, will withdraw the house in which we live from the speculative housing market. The purchased house will then be managed collectively. As part of habiTaT, the Austrian “Mietsh├Ąuser-Syndikat”, we act according to the principles of solidarity-based economy and collective management of housing. Profit made from private ownership of housing is ruled out. We are committed to self-managed and affordable housing.

In addition, in our house we create spaces for political, artistic and social projects. It is especially important to us that the use of our rooms is managed in accordance with the principles of solidarity – financially as well as organizationally.

We are a group of currently 8 people who live together. We organize ourselves in a grassroots democratic way and coordinate our work in plenums and working groups. As a project we share our resources and possibilities with external people and groups. We follow the principles of diversity and equality. We position ourselves against capitalism, fascism, racism and clearly stand for feminism and sustainability.