Association room

Our association room allows us to gather for meetings and workshops. We also offer it to other groups for shared use.


If you’re looking for a space to implement your ideas or projects, this might be the place for you!

The room is

  • 26sqm in size.
  • centrally located.
  • easy to reach by public transport.
  • organized in accordance with the principles of solidarity and self-administration.

We make the room available to political and civil society groups. The room also has a kitchen and a bright loggia. The room is equipped with folding tables, chairs, a whiteboard, a flipchart, a projector and a home cinema, which can be removed if necessary. So the room can be used for discussions, learning sessions, philosophizing, dancing, cooking, organizing and many other things. Both regular and one-off use is possible.


The room is financed by membership fees from residents of the house and extraordinary members of the association, voluntary donations and rental fees.

Are you interested in using or co-organizing the space?

Then send us an email to:

Association room with furniture
Association room adapted