How to support

People who like our ideas can support us in different ways or become part of our project.

House purchase/direct loan

For the purchase and the renovation of our house we are looking for people who want to give us direct loans and invest their money wisely.

If you are interested, you are welcome to send us an email in advance ( To stay up to date, you can also sign up for our newsletter. You will find the login field at the bottom of the page.

If this is all too slow for you, here (LINK) you can find other house projects in Austria that are currently collecting direct loans here.

Living together

If you are enthusiastic about our idea of living together, if you are willing to spend time and commitment for this vision and if living is more than a place to watch TV for you, Jelka could be the right place for you! Send us an email with some information about yourself and why you would like to live in a house project, and we will get back to you.

You can find out if we currently or will have rooms or apartments available on Facebook or Instagram.


We are always looking for supporters who help us to implement the model of self-managed housing and to make it more known and accessible: Translation work, support at events, organizing our association space, a direct loan campaign in the future. If you want to join or support us, please get in touch!

And tell your friends, relatives and family about our projects!

Memberships and contributions

If you would like to support our association financially, you can become an extraordinary member of the association for a monetary contribution of your choice. One-time donations are also possible.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Contributions in kind

Where people with a wide range of interests live together, groups meet to work and workshops and events take place, there is always a need for certain items. When we just need items for projects and ideas, we share it on our social media channels Facebook or Instagram.